Wedding Planning 101 - Part 2

6 months before D-Day:

Time has flown and now you’re just a few months away from being husband and wife! By now, most of the big tasks have been ticked off your list, with your main concerns now being gown and suit fittings, fine-tuning that guest list and checking in with the various friends who are helping you to plan your wedding.


Design wedding stationery

If you are going with a hotel or restaurant wedding package, your wedding stationery would likely be included in the miscellaneous items provided. However, if you have something more customized in mind, now would be a good time to begin designing your wedding stationery, which may include the invitation card, actual day program and wedding guest book.


Discuss guest list with parents

There’s a fine line to balance between diplomacy and friendship, and a wedding celebration is one of those times when defining that line is rather tricky. You may struggle to manage the expectations of your parents when it comes to the guest list, especially if they have a long list of acquaintances, present and ex-colleagues, and/or a huge extended family to invite. Do try to see things from their perspective instead of immediately writing their requests off, yet be upfront in sharing your own constraints or misgivings. If everyone is willing to give and take a little, this potentially stressful stage will be over very quickly. ;)


Plan your honeymoon

Plane tickets and hotels can be booked way in advance, especially if you have a popular destination in mind, so do make your reservations early. Look out for good deals via portals like CheapTickets and Expedia.


3 months before D-Day:

Things are getting pretty exciting now! As the date of your wedding draws closer and closer, you may find yourself starting to feel the weight of the decision more and more. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Do be intentional about carving out time for self-reflection in this whole process, as well as to spend time as a couple just hanging out, not only working on wedding-related tasks.


Book a solemnization date

If you are holding your solemnization ceremony on the ROM premises, now’s the time to book the date and venue. Ensure that you have all the proper documents ready for the official ceremony.


Wedding photography

For those opting for studio photos, the shoot would probably occur around this time, after your gowns and suits are ready for collection.


Finalise guest list

After all the weeks of discussion, your guest list is now more or less finalized. It’s time to get those invitations printed! Most couples give out their wedding invitations 6-8 weeks before the actual date, and you’ll also need to buffer in time for writing all those names and addresses for each one…


1 month before D-Day:

It’s the final countdown!


Consolidate guest list and configure table seating plans

After the invites have been sent out, it’s time to tabulate the final list of attendees. Do be prepared that there will likely be some changes to names nearer the date though, due to unforeseen circumstances, etc. Do let your parents help in the table arrangements for the extended family – just in case there is some bad history between one or more persons in the group that is unbeknownst to you.


Say goodbye to singlehood

Celebrate friendship and singlehood with a Hen’s Night (for the ladies) and/or Bachelor’s Party (for the men)! Wild dancing and drinking not to your fancy? Don’t worry, when it comes to having a party, it’s the people that matter the most. You don’t necessarily have to paint the town red – think gathering your close girlfriends for a cosy high-tea session or going overnight cycling with your best buddies.


Packing time

At least one of you will be moving out of your family home, so don’t leave the packing to the night before the wedding! Get started early, so that you can leave your last week free to tie up any last-minute loose ends and…


Pamper yourself

That’s right! Carve out time to treat yourself to some TLC this last week before the Big Day. Think a soothing massage, spa treatment, mani-pedi session and a good haircut. Beauty is only skin deep, they say, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to look your best on your special day. J


All this said and done, do remember that a wedding is not the defining moment for your marriage. Sometimes, couples can get so caught up in the nitty gritties of wedding prep, and forget that what truly matters is their relationship underpinning it all, a relationship that is meant to last a lifetime. Here’s to a wonderful wedding and a blissful marriage!