Its the little things


When you’re planning a major event like a wedding, it’s easy to get caught up in the big “rocks” like choosing a venue, checking out various bridal boutiques and planning the guest list.



Ask any couple several years later, however, and you’ll discover that many of these things are not what made their special day memorable for them. Instead, it’s the little things that really matter, the personal touches that make your wedding your very own.



Stumped for ideas on how to infuse bits of your personalities into your special day? Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing…



Personalised wedding favours


These days, most hotels would provide a variety of wedding favours for you to choose for your wedding banquet guests. However these would be fairly generic items like key chains, wine openers, small glasses or poker cards – in other words, they are nice to have, but not particularly memorable or meaningful to your guests or you.


Take time to look around for ideas for a wedding favour that fits both of you to a tee. It could be something related to how you got together, or something that both of you enjoy doing together. For example, if you’re an avid photographer, how about creating fridge magnets out of some of your most artistic shots? And if you met on the track and field team, how about customized cookies in the shape of track shoes for your guests to enjoy?



Bespoke wedding stationery


Again, most hotels and restaurants would have a standard wedding invitation card for you to use. Creating a card that is uniquely yours can make your wedding theme especially prominent or attractive to your guests, and that wedding invitation may well become a keepsake that many of your loved ones will treasure for years to come.


One couple went for a retro picnic theme, and took special effort to make all the various wedding elements tie together. For example, they gave small bottles of refreshing pear juice with personalized labels as their wedding favours, and their wedding invite was in the design of a gramophone record, complete with album sleeve envelope!



Making memories with your bridal party


Typically, the bridal party is composed of the couple’s closest friends. Remember that every one of them has played an important role in your life thus far – therefore try not to only see them as helpers to whom you can delegate responsibilities to. Instead, think of ways to make this whole wedding preparation period and actual day celebration meaningful for them as well.


Sometimes, we take it for granted that our friends will be more than willing and enthusiastic to be part of our wedding plans, but do recognize that it takes commitment and a significant amount of sacrifice of time and energies on their part.



In western countries, the couple normally officially invite their friends to become part of their bridal party through hosting a meal for the group, writing personal notes to ask them to be a bridesmaid/groomsmen, and/or even giving small tokens of appreciation for their friendship. It can also be meaningful to gather your team to brainstorm for ideas on wedding theme/décor/menu/program together – besides being a lot of fun, it offers the perfect opportunity for the couple’s friends from their various circles to all get to know each other a little better!