We already have a BTO flat – Do I really need To propose? (Part 1)



If you’re Singaporean, it’s no secret that applying for a Built-To-Order (BTO) flat together with your partner means the sound of wedding bells are just around the corner. For our non-local friends, it is common practice for couples here to obtain an apartment together before they get married. Preparing to move in together has become the ubiquitous unspoken ring on the finger.

In this day and age where we focus more on the practical side of settling down, are proposals still necessary?

We think they are! Getting engaged is a significant event, and it deserves to be remembered. Here are some reasons why we think proposals are important.

#1 Affirming Your Commitment

You might already have the unit number of your future flat, but don't let that become the centre of your union!

Proposing to your partner and getting engaged are important milestones which can strongly affirm the commitment that you two have made to each other. Remember that your (future) marriage does not just revolve around what you own; it is about you and your partner, and the beginning of your new life together as one.

#2 Celebrating The Moment

Some may argue that a wedding ceremony is far more important than a proposal. Essentially, both events are about your coming together as a couple – so why bother doing it twice?

If there’s a reason to celebrate, we say just go for it! Special occasions like anniversaries mean something to you and your partner, and we’re sure you’ve both commemorated these events in your own memorable ways. Some of you even make the effort to spend quality time together on “monthsaries” as a tribute to the increasing number of months you’ve been together. Getting engaged marks the moment you choose to take another big step towards becoming husband and wife, and we think it’s definitely a date to remember and celebrate!

#3 Making It Official

While we mentioned in #1 that you shouldn't get too preoccupied with practical matters, it doesn't mean that you can just abandon planning for the future altogether.

Having an official engagement period will help you find that sweet spot between focusing on your relationship and working towards your material goals. With a rough estimate of the time you have before tying the knot, you will be able to plan for your future together more effectively. From wedding preparations to flat renovations, you will be able to slot these details into a proper timeline, ensuring that everything flows smoothly.

Bonus: We all have that one pesky relative who keeps asking when we’ll be getting married. Well, proposing (and being proposed to!) means that you’ll be armed with a special engagement story to share and you’ll be able to confirm that you’ll be off the shelf – soon J


Need some tips on how to put the perfect proposal together? Look out for Part 2 of this series!