Save The Date And Save The Time – Wedding Lunch or Wedding Dinner?


The pre-wedding photos have been taken, the dream gown and suit have been found, you’ve confirmed the date with a solemnisor and now you’re ready to celebrate getting married by inviting your friends and family to a wedding banquet – the question is, where and when?

In recent years, there has been a rising trend in wedding lunches over dinners. The form of the traditional wedding banquet has since evolved, with couples opting for more casual lunch receptions over formal dinner events held in hotel ballrooms.

Will choosing to hold a wedding lunch cause you to lose the charm of celebrating your marriage? Here are some reasons why we think lunch can be just as good as dinner!

#1 Spend Less, Save More, Splurge More?

Being able to save on the cost of the banquet venue is a common reason why many couples choose lunches over dinners. Most hotels charge a higher rate per table for wedding dinners held over the weekend. To make these reservations, couples are also required to book a minimum number of tables. This can vastly drive up costs, especially when the difference in prices per table goes up to hundreds of dollars. 

Saving on the venue also allows couples to spend more in other areas of the wedding. Looking for a more creative spin on conventional wedding banquets? Perhaps a higher budget can be allocated to decorations for the venue, or even having a small photo booth for guests. Apart from the wedding itself, you and your partner might even be able to afford a longer honeymoon. But if a simple no-frills lunch is what works best for the both of you, that would be good for the savings in your bank account too!

#2 Taking It Outdoors

In addition to having lunch at the usual hotels, couples can also explore alternative banquet venues. Having a lunch reception opens up opportunities to taking the celebrations outside! There are many unique outdoor venues that couples can consider. These locations often come with beautiful scenery, from lush greenery to crashing waves by the sea.

The selection of food available at these spots can also be a little different from the traditional Chinese style wedding feasts. Here, you might be able to choose from having a buffet-style reception, or even afternoon tea. Outdoor dining might also be possible, with certain restaurants offering alfresco style seating arrangements. The décor at these places can also be more cozy in style, which brings about an intimate atmosphere.

However, the weather might pose a problem if the location is not sheltered. If you are getting married during the dry season, then these options might be more feasible for you.

#3 Skip The Wait In Between

Weddings are often events that take up a whole 24 hours (or more!). However, the wedding activities may not be spread out evenly throughout the day. A couple may choose to have their solemnisation in a church in the morning, or a traditional tea ceremony at home with their parents – sometimes after a rowdy gatecrash session with the bridesmaids and groomsmen! For couples who choose to invite their guests to the morning events, this often means that they will experience an awkward gap in the afternoon before the dinner banquet.


Having a lunch banquet gives couples a way around this problem. You may choose to hold your solemnisation ceremony before lunch in the same venue, with light refreshments served in between. This way, couples can invite their guests to a single day event, compared to a ceremony in the morning and then a dinner at night.

As guests will be present at the venue for a longer period of time, they will also have more opportunities to browse around your guest book table. The decorations that you put so much effort into will definitely not go to waste! You might also get more guests than usual penning thoughtful messages down. However, this means that you will need to rent the venue for a longer period of time.

#4 Making The Most Out Of Your Day

Awkward afternoon breaks (as mentioned in #3) can also take a toll on the couple themselves! If you have activities in the morning, holding a lunch banquet will help you to make the most out of your wedding day.

The few hours in between activities are barely enough for the bride and groom to refresh themselves and get ready for their grand entrance at the wedding dinner, much less spend time on their special day with each other! By the time dinner is over, you and your new spouse will just want to crash in bed. But with a lunch banquet, you may be able to wrap up the celebrations by mid-afternoon. With the spare time on hand, you will be able to enjoy a good late afternoon snooze with your partner, and even a nice romantic dinner together!

#5 Capturing Memories

Having a wedding lunch means that you will have sunlight on your side. The day brings with it natural light, which makes it much easier to take photos. Whether the wedding is held indoors or outdoors (check out #2!) both the couple and the guests will be able to wander around the venue and snap shots to remember the day by!

If you manage to squeeze out a couple of minutes from your schedule, you might even be able to get your wedding photographer to snap a few professional shots of you and your partner around your banquet venue.


We hope that this article sheds a little more light on the perks of having a wedding lunch! Whether you choose to hold your wedding banquet in the day or at night, we hope that the day will be a memorable start to a wonderful lifetime together as husband and wife!