What Not To Do When Planning Your Wedding


Planning your wedding? Here are five mistakes you want to avoid as you prepare for your special day…


Spending more than you can afford

This comes first on our list, because it’s a regret that one too many Singaporean couples have in common – splurging on a wedding they can’t really afford. Don’t try to create an Instagram-worthy wedding at the expense of your sanity for the next ten years; don’t wipe out your savings for a single day event.


Choose instead… to spend within your means. Set a reasonable budget from the get-go, and stick to it.


Trying to lose too much weight too quickly

Every couple wants to look their best on their wedding day, and for many women, the months before the wedding are spent trying to cut their calories or up their exercise routine, just so they can fit perfectly into their beautiful customized gown. Of course, striving for a healthy body and to look your best is not wrong, but do avoid any drastic measures or extreme dieting plans. Instead of achieving the body goals you want, your actions may end up backfiring on your or land you in the hospital.


Choose instead… to set an achievable goal for your fitness/physique that won’t require a 180deg change to your lifestyle or dietary habits. Do seek a doctor or physical trainer’s opinion when in doubt, and never try to lose too much weight in a very short time. A healthy, happy bride is a beautiful one.


Trying to do everything yourself

For the perfectionist among us, you may want every single detail of your wedding to go as you planned. So you try to make it happen by being involved in every single aspect of your wedding. But the truth is that no one is a superhero – you could very well end up burnt out by all the errands and stressors, and even have no time left to reflect on the journey ahead and enjoy the planning process.


Choose instead… to delegate wherever possible, and free up your time and hands for just the essentials and the more important heart preparation.


Getting upset about everything

A wedding has so many different aspects to it, and so many factors that can make the best-laid plans go awry. No matter how many excel spreadsheets you draw up and Plan Bs you create, there may be unforeseen issues that crop up along the way or even on the actual day. It can be a very stressful time for you, your partner and the wedding coordinators and vendors whom you have engaged.


Choose instead… to let go of your need for things to go exactly the way you envision. There may be issues where you and your partner or wedding vendors/coordinators can’t see eye to eye – so choose your battles wisely. Don’t waste your energy and emotions on chasing after the non-essentials. Think of it this way: In the end, it’s all the little details and unexpected incidents that are going to make your wedding unique and memorable.


Leaving your parents out

Yes, it is your special day, and yes, you may have a very different ideal wedding from what your parents would prescribe, but that doesn’t mean you should leave them out in the cold either. They have probably been looking forward to your wedding day as much as you have, and would love to be included in your plans. Let them know you know they care – it’s not just a special day for you, it’s a big deal for them too.


Choose instead… to involve your parents in some aspects of the wedding. Perhaps your mum is good with her hands – see if you can include her in the décor side of things. Or if your dad is a favourite with the kids, you could ask him if he would like to help coach the page boy and flower girl in their roles. And although it can be a sticky issue in some families, it’s good to let your parents have some say in the guest list – after all, they would like to celebrate this special occasion with the people who are important to them too.