Choosing The One Photographer / Videographer

From grainy footage recorded on tapes, to creative concepts filmed in HD, wedding videography has come a long way! Wedding videos have evolved past merely showing scenes of couples going through the traditional rites of a wedding. Today, wedding videographers are able to create videos that share special stories of love and unity.


Wondering if it’s possible to have a beautiful video without breaking your budget? Here are some tips to help you with choosing “the one”!


#1. Do Your Research


Start your search early! Many videographers have websites where they share their portfolios. Spend some time looking through entire videos, instead of short clips – you will be able to get a better sense of their style! Each videographer is different, so take your time to find one whose creative vision suits what you have in mind.


Not sure where to start looking? With increasing amounts of content being shared on social media, you may not have to look far! You might chance upon potential videographers from watching your friends’ wedding videos or other videos with unique concepts, just by scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed.


You can also explore local wedding websites and forums to join discussions, or read about the experiences other couples have had with wedding videographers.


#2. Budget Smart


Drop the misconception that wedding videography is expensive! Many videographers offer various types of video packages, and charge differently based on which one you pick. The options in each package range from the number of videographers at work on your wedding day, to the hours you would like the wedding videographer to be present. This flexibility allows you to opt for exactly what you need, while keeping to your budget.


The trick here is to know what you want for your video! When considering your budget for wedding videography, talk through the ideas you and your partner have for your wedding video, and figure out what you need from the videographer. Together with your research from #1, this will give you an idea of how much you need to set aside for your wedding video, and help you to choose a videographer who won’t empty your wallet.


#3. Talk To Your Videographer


Selecting a videographer is not just based on how polished their videos appear! Creating a compelling story is a collaborative effort between you and your videographer. Considering a particular videographer? Talk to them, share what you have in mind, and work out the details, so that the videographer will know what you are looking for and expecting. A proper discussion with the videographer will let you see how they can refine your thoughts and showcase your story in the best light possible. This will give you a better idea of what the videographer can offer, and help you decide if this is the one you want to work with for your video!


Bonus: Getting to know your videographer before the wedding also allows you and your partner to begin building a real relationship with them. With a better sense of who the two of you are as a couple, your videographer will be able to create a more personal video which touches hearts.


Ready to start looking? The right one is out there waiting!




Moving Pics believes in helping every couple remember this significant point in their love stories in a special way. We offer various videography packages to suit your needs, so you don’t have to fret about your budget. Thinking about engaging a wedding videographer, or have an idea for your wedding video? Let’s get in touch!