8 Practical Tips To Keep Your Wedding Wallet-Friendly


Weddings are expensive. It’s no secret that one day – or just one night! – of celebration can create a huge dent in your bank account. Is it possible to plan a wedding that won’t have you emptying your wallet? Here are some tips that could help you save more rather than spend more!

#1 What Are We Really Spending On?

From traditional necessities such as your wedding invitations to less conventional items such as setting aside a small amount of funds for last minute purchases you might have forgotten about, you’ll realize that you have a far longer list to spend on than you originally thought!

When you begin the process of wedding planning, set aside time to think about all that you need for your big day – even if it’s as small a detail as the stationery needed at your reception table! Once you have a list of these items, you can decide on an appropriate budget for each. Defining a rough number right at the beginning will help you in managing your expenditure. And with good planning, you won’t even have to touch your fund for forgotten items!

#2 Do Your Homework

There are a myriad of vendors that cater to the wedding industry. One of the worst feelings you can experience in the planning process is choosing an item or service without much thought, and discovering later that you could have gotten the same item or service at a lower cost!

This can be avoided by putting effort into conducting your own research. Just as cheap does not always equate to bad, the opposite is also true – expensive does not always equal good! Take the time to visit wedding fairs and read reviews from other couples on online forums. You might just be able to find that sweet spot where the item or service is both of good quality and easy on your wallet!

#3 Who’s Invited?

The cost of tables at wedding banquets has been rising steadily over the years. While this tip might be difficult to put into practice, it might be prudent to consider carefully who you would like to send a wedding invitation to.

The process of cutting down your guest list can be tricky, especially when it involves your loved ones. But with careful planning, you might be able to save yourself the cost of a banquet table or two.

#4 All In A Day’s Celebration

Are you holding your solemnization ceremony and wedding banquet on separate days? This might cause you to spend more, especially if you are celebrating with food twice – catering for a tea reception after the solemnization ceremony and having a sumptuous feast at the wedding banquet.

Consider combining both functions into a single day, or even integrating them into a similar period of time! If you hold your solemnization ceremony just before your wedding banquet, you may only need to provide guests with light refreshments in between each event. Bonus: this will also help to save your guests the hassle and costs of travelling twice – they will simply need to attend a single extended time of celebration together with you!


#5 Lunch or Dinner?

Wedding lunches are getting increasingly popular, as couples realize how affordable these can be compared to table prices for customary dinner banquets. While not all popular locations for wedding banquets may offer hefty discounts, with some effort in research (see #2!) you might find out that you will be able to afford your dream banquet location after all – if you compromise on holding your wedding banquet during the day instead of at night.

In addition to saving on the costs of the venue, choosing to hold a wedding lunch also comes with a host of other advantages! Check out this article to read more about the perks of having a lunch banquet.

#6 How About A Wedding In August?

In Singapore, some of the popular months for getting married are December, November, and September. Vendors and venues will be highly sought after during these seasons, causing their costs to rise in accordance to demand.

You don’t have to follow the trend of having your wedding during these seasons, just because it seems like the “right” or most convenient time to get married. What are some of the dates that are significant to you and your partner? If these days happen to fall in months that are considered “off-peak”, your wedding might just be the spark that brightens up that month! And for couples whose potential wedding dates fall within these “peak” months, choosing a new date during the “off-peak” season gives you an additional special day to celebrate with your partner!

#7 Do We Really Need A Ballroom?

When we think of wedding banquets, eight-course meals at fancy hotel ballrooms are often what come to mind. But couples can also choose to celebrate their marriage at venues such as restaurants and the function rooms of community clubs at a fraction of the price.

These alternative venues may not come with the glitz and grandeur of what a hotel can provide, but with a touch of creativity, couples can take this as a blank canvas to decorate the venue to their liking – creating a more personal touch to the wedding!

#8 Invite Your Family And Friends Onboard

Our family and friends are the ones who attend our weddings, having a good meal to celebrate our marriages. Have you ever thought of inviting your family and friends to be a greater part of your wedding?

In addition to forming the entourage of the bride’s “sisters” and the groom’s “brothers”, your loved ones might also be able and willing to contribute other skills to your wedding preparations, and even wedding day itself! You might be able to ask an aunt who is a proficient makeup artist to do the bride’s hair and makeup for the big day, or friends with an artistic streak to help design and craft simple decor for your banquet table centerpieces.

With your family and friends taking on more important and personal roles, your wedding becomes all the more special, as you know that the day was truly put together with love.



May these 8 tips help you and your partner bring your dream wedding celebrations to life! And at the end of the day, we believe that though each wedding may vary in cost, the joy of beginning a new life together is truly priceless. Wishing you a marriage filled with lots of love and bliss!