How To Decide On A Wedding Cake


Weddings are momentous occasions, and while all eyes are on the couple and their families on this auspicious day, many mouths are moving through the wedding banquet, including the seemingly customary wedding cake. So how would you go about picking a cake?

Decide if you want a cake on your wedding.
Just like this article, you can ignore external advice, but you can’t stop people from having an opinion. So, you might as well do what you want because first and foremost, it is your wedding. Don’t forget to be honest with your budget: If you just want cake as a formality, consider a smaller one-tier cake.

Just like your wedding lunch/dinner, you should go for a taste test.
A sampling menu should not be thought as a free meal for six to ten people, but rather a test drive for all guests who will be eating on the actual day. Each course is a layer, and they all combine to form a harmonious and filling dinner. This applies to the wedding cake as well. From fruity flavours to chocolate, fondants, sugar flowers, or even if you want to scrap the idea of a cake and go for cookies, cupcakes or whatever you feel like, sampling is an escalator that helps you speed up the decision-making process.

Pay attention not only to the design, but also to the weather and location.
Your cake will almost definitely be seen before it’s eaten. There are many factors to consider: the cake table, patterns and decorations, colours and flowers. More importantly, unless there is a fridge to keep your cake intact, refrain from meringue or whipped cream as they melt. Fondant covered cake is a good alternative in Singapore’s sweltering climate.

There are two types of people at weddings: those who eat cake, and those who pretend that they don’t eat cake. For the bride and groom, don’t forget to try your cake. You’ve spent all this time and effort to curate it. So please, have your cake and eat it too.