Making Your Valentine’s Day Gift Special: The Meaning Of Flowers


Roses are red, violets are blue. Valentine’s Day is coming, which flowers are perfect for you?

It’s no secret that flowers are an integral part of Valentine’s Day. Florists enjoy a sales boom in the days leading up to February 14, with stalks and bouquets of fresh blooms flying off their shelves!

Want to surprise your loved one with a gift that is not just beautiful, but significant as well? We take a look at the meaning behind different types of flowers!

#1 Baby’s Breath

These delicate and tiny blossoms are often used as fillers in a larger bouquet. Despite their dainty appearance, sprigs of baby’s breath have greater meaning to them than just being sidekicks to other larger flowers.

The baby’s breath, which hails from the Gypsophila family, represents everlasting love. The tiny white flowers, which stand vibrantly against its green stalks also signify innocence and the purity of emotion that a couple has for each other.

Baby’s breath can also be dyed, providing a greater pop of colour for a more unique gift! 

#2 Daisy

The simple and classic white daisy is often associated with purity. It is also associated with new beginnings, making it a great gift for loved ones who have just embarked on new stages of life together!

Daisies also come in other colours, such as purple and yellow. Each different hue holds a different meaning, such as yellow daisies representing appreciation and gratitude. If your date likes daisies and you would like your gift to be extra special, you could consider getting several stalks of daisies in different colours! 

#3 Sunflower

The easily recognizable sunflower represents positivity and happiness. While it only comes in one main colour, the bright yellow petals of the sunflower are associated with bringing energy and renewing strength. In Chinese culture, the sunflower also signifies vitality and longevity.

The scientific name for the sunflower, Helianthus annuus, stems from the Greek words for sun and flower, helios and anthos. Like the sun’s rays which bring light after a dark storm, this eye-catching flower is a gift which is guaranteed to brighten up a gloomy day. This flower is definitely one which will put a smile on your date’s face!

#4 Tulip

The elegant tulip conveys a sense of gracefulness and sophistication. Its name is said to stem from the Persian word for turban, a reference to its rounded petals and shape.

Generally, tulips represent perfect love. But just like daisies, tulips bloom in a variety of colours, each with its own special meaning. Red tulips are the ones which are often associated with passionate love and romance. Flirty pink tulips are thought to represent happiness and good wishes, regal purple tulips with royalty and admiration, and cheery yellow tulips with hope and positive thoughts. With such diversity of choice in colour and meaning, tulips have the potential to convey a message that is both loving and unique.

#6 Roses

What would a list of flowers for Valentine’s Day be without the quintessential rose? This traditional favourite captures the essence of romance perfectly – deep red roses are symbols of love, passion, beauty and romance.

However, don’t fret if the florist is sold out of red roses for the day! Given their popularity, roses are available in a multitude of colours. Roses in common colours such as white and pink, often possess meanings that are similar to those of other flowers with the same shade. In addition to these conventional colours, you might also be able to find special tones such as lively orange, which convey a sense of enthusiasm and energy. Rainbow roses are also becoming an increasingly popular choice. This modern take on this timeless bloom paints vibrant swirls of colour onto each petal, creating a bouquet that is filled with extra beauty and meaning!

#7 Bonus: Plush Flower

Looking for a gift that is meaningful, but also long lasting? Why not get a plush flower? These quirky alternatives to real blooms may be easier on the wallet, and you can even tell your loved one that your love will never wilt, just like your gift for him or her!


How will you be celebrating your loved ones this Valentine’s Day? Whether you choose to express your affection and appreciation with gifts or with a treat to a romantic night out, we hope that your love will continue to grow and blossom!